The Queenly NFT is a brand new NFT space for LGBTQ+ artists - it's a tremendously exciting project that has been orchestrated by Ruby Powers, one of NYC’s most well known drag queens.

The NFT space and crypto itself is a bit of a boys club - most people associate the crypto world with basement dwelling straight white men, and they’re not totally wrong. If you spend any time on NFT Twitter, or scroll through the many many articles churned out on NFTs, you’ll notice a lack of diversity. 

Minimal diversity isn’t exclusively an NFT or Crypto problem, of course. It is an issue that is present in institutions and movements the world over. This is beginning to change, in the NFT space at least, with a fantastic new movement in the shape of The Queenly - The Queenly is an NFT gallery for LGBTQ artists, where Queer art is showcased and celebrated on the blockchain. 

Queer people are often left behind when it comes to opportunities like this, or taken advantage of financially. This is why Ruby Powers’ vision is so important, creating a purely LGBTQ gallery provides these opportunities to those who may have missed out otherwise, as well as providing a crucial revenue stream for Queer artists. 

The artists showcased in this project are a diverse array of Queer people, Maxwell Poth’s work features highly, black and white portraits of people including Queer Eye superstar Tan France. Bob The Drag Queen has work featured, including the iconic 2010 polaroid photo of her being arrested whilst championing same sex marriage in NYC and of course, Peppermint and Bob's iconic viral moment, “oh, the fracking?”. Take your time to scroll through the Opensea page, because the art is as diverse as the creators. There is some truly staggering talent on show here and it is a real privilege to enjoy it. That is all down to Ruby Powers and her vision for this wonderful platform. 

The Queenly aren’t the only LGBTQ artists pushing to break into the NFT world, photographer and digital artist Pol Kurucz is making inroads into the crypto space - Pol is a big deal in the Queer and Drag space, his work has attracted attention worldwide. Pol has photographed winners of RuPaul’s Drag Race, as well as appearing in The Gay Times, Vogue and so many more huge publications. Pol’s entry into this market is big in itself, his unique way of photography and how he portrays queens is really exciting and his style is bound to suit the NFT market down to the ground.

Overall then, NFTs are on the edge of exploding in the LGBTQ community, the opportunity is huge, as well as the potential to uplift and shine a spotlight on artists who otherwise would often not get the support they deserve.