Matt Bellamy, frontman of UK post-rockers Muse has released a collection of recordings from his upcoming solo album ‘Cryosleep’. The NFTs are cuts from the album with accompanying pictures, from a variety of NFT artists. 

Bellamy’s entrance into the NFT world is interesting - musicians have only recently started to make inroads into the Crypto world and Bellamy, along with Muse are often writing tracks about mad future scenes and bizarre, digital avant-garde worlds, so an entry into the crypto sphere isn’t out of the question. The art mirrors Bellamy’s futuristic tendencies - beautiful, space scenes accompany the sci-fi tracks with some superb, hyper-realistic imagery. 

Bellamy’s new record is a mixture of old and new solo work, some of which has even featured on Game of Thrones. Bellamy is minting and distributing these NFTs through Cryptograph, a new platform that suits the project well. 

The album isn’t available until mid-August, so the NFT release offers fans or collectors early access to some of the tracks. Bellamy seems to have hit the nail on the head here, in terms of a musician’s entry into the NFT world. 

Accompanying tracks with beautiful, thematically relevant art is a wonderful way for a musician to market NFTs. Rather than acting as a cash grab or a publicity stunt, Bellamy has marketed these brilliantly. Allowing early access is a great way to drive up hype for the new record whilst selling these beautiful NFTs. 

NFTs are often a dirty word in the music industry, but Bellamy’s NFT sales are to support a homeless charity in the UK. This is not the first time Muse have utilised the blockchain to showcase their work - they partnered with Dapper Labs in 2020 to launch some Muse themed Cryptokitties

Overall then, Bellamy’s moves into the NFT world act as a real standout - if this sale is a success then we could look forward to more and more artists of all genres partnering with talented digital artists to create more and more amazing musical NFTs!