If you have spent any time on crypto-Twitter, or NFT-Twitter you will have seen all sorts of naysayers and techno-bores telling you that “NFTs are over!” or that “the bubble has burst”, but they could not be further from the truth – the NFT market is only just getting going, so strap in because this is heading to the moon.

There is a flurry of NFT activity going on, all day, every day. There are projects and startups worldwide that are generating huge amounts of traction and earning obscene amounts of cash. But the NFT market is far from just a cash grab – all sorts of people are getting involved every single day. 

Tim Burners Lee, the father of the world wide web, is auctioning the very source code of the world wide web as an NFT. Not only is it an exceptional piece of history, but Burners Lee will be using the proceeds to support charitable initiatives worldwide. This isn’t a rarity in the NFT community, so many creators and artists are using the NFT opportunity to work with charitable organisations worldwide. Minters are also offsetting their carbon footprint, with many NFT projects working as carbon neutral or even negative – whilst the scaremongering is often at the top of your twitter feed, there is so much great work going on behind the scenes to ensure that NFTs are here to stay. 

Burners Lee is far from the only celeb to get involved, Lindsay Lohan, Liam Payne, Paris Hilton and so many more high profile individuals are making waves in the community, bringing their mega stardom and legions of fans to the NFT family. The more people that get involved, the more we can grow and build. NFTs are taking art ownership into the future and this is your chance to get in at the ground floor. 

The best part about NFTs for me, is how they can help up and coming, new artists. Selling digital art is now a thousand times easier with NFTs, plus artists make a cut of resales! It’s a brilliant model for artists to support themselves, especially whilst galleries and events are few and far between. These factors all combine to make a truly exciting venture – the market is volatile, sure, but this is the nature of crypto currency. NFTs are coming to Ebay and more vendors are accepting FIAT currency, which will help to untether the NFT market from crypto, making the market more and more accessible. 

NFTs feel on the verge of something huge, astronomical, even. With artists like Beeple making millions and memes selling for six figure sums, NFTs are on their way to the moon. There are thousands of super exciting projects being minted each and every day, so the only thing I can recommend is that you get yourself over to Opensea and get involved!