Sports and Crypto are two worlds that haven’t often collided, the Venn diagram of football and crypto fans is two separate circles - but this is changing with the advent of Fan Tokens. Clubs worldwide are noticing the NFT boom and capitalising. 

Some of the worlds biggest clubs are getting involved. From Barcelona to Juve, via PSG and Manchester City. Italian high flyers Inter Milan have even opted to use their fan token platform as the shirt sponsor for the upcoming season.

These fan tokens are being run through - it’s a new platform for football fans worldwide to have a real time influence on the clubs they love. You can earn all sorts of rewards and prizes.You can vote in app on exclusive polls all season long, as well as earn discounts on kit and merch. All whilst earning fan tokens for your club of choice. 

Many clubs are currently under fire for poor ownership - football fans across Europe are up in arms about disillusioned billionaires running clubs built by the working classes. Using this new platform, it can help the fans of these clubs have some say in the way their beloved clubs operate.

This is a really interesting venture into the crypto-verse for sport. There has been some movement on the blockchain for sports fans - Andy Murray recently sold an NFT of his Wimbledon winning moment on Beeple’s new IDO platform. Italy star and recent Euro championship winner Girgio Chiellini has released his own collection of NFTs, the Juventus star is capitalising on a growing market.

This represents a great opportunity for sports fans. As said above, the crossover between football fans and crypto fans is minimal, but with some massive clubs getting involved, their legions of fans are sure to follow. Barca, Juventus and PSG are a handful of clubs that have fans worldwide. With huge name stars like Messi, Ronaldo and Mbappe, these clubs have thousands of fans on every continent. 

If just a fraction of these fans follow through on their club’s interest, then the crypto community is bound to explode with new fans. Football and culture often go hand in hand, with many a football hipster owning art, as well as great swathes of football murals, paintings and photography. 

The crossover here could be huge - the market for football based NFTs is a giant untapped vein. Trading cards and more traditional art would translate fantastically to the NFT world. The potential is huge - mark my words, the relationship between football and the blockchain is only just beginning and is bound to explode.