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ScaleSwap x BossLogic x SuperRare

Scaleswap is a next generation IDO launchpad with multi-chain integration, harnessing the power of an advanced layer 2 scaling protocol (powered by Polygon). Instant transactions, low fees and guaranteed participation in pools with earned loyalty. For non-Crypto viewers, consider Scaleswap a Kickstarter for crypto projects, existing with a desire to create positive change in the crypto space.


Scaleswap utilised an opportunity to use NFTs as a token of loyalty to the platform. There were 3 levels available, the Orange Diamond, the Blue Diamond and the exclusive 1/1 Red Diamond. The Red Diamond would allow ultimate power on their platform, instant and guaranteed access to all pools, instant access to new features, and the highest possible voting power in Scaleswaps future DAO. Essentially acting as a ‘skeleton key’ for the platform, they knew that they would need input from a big name in the NFT industry to really do justice to such a token. Being new to the NFT industry, Scaleswap approached NFTU for their help with sourcing the artist and preparing for launch. 

NFT curators and marketeers, NFTU reached out to Bosslogic, a prominent visual artist with over 2 million followers on Instagram and who is widely known for his work with Marvel Studios and A-List Hollywood actors including Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Jake Gyllenhaal. He is also a famed NFT artist and has a sales volume over $5.5m, with some of his unique pieces fetching well into six-figure sums. 


Action Plan

Upon receiving the brief from Scaleswap, Bosslogic went away and started the creation of the NFT. “I was originally drawn to mountains, and having the Red Diamond be at the top of the mountain” He said, explaining his creative process “Then I thought, mountains aren’t really rare, anyone can see them and they’re pretty accessible. The Red Diamond is the rarest of all diamonds, so I got thinking about it being deep in a rainforest, sheltered from view where only the most adventurous and observant explorers would be able to find it” 

While Bosslogic was creating the art piece, NFTU and Scaleswap collaborated to prepare for the launch of the platform and the auction of the Red Diamond. NFTU analyzed the market and selectively chose Superrare as the platform for the Red Diamond auction. NFTU co-founder, Alex Moss said “Marketplace selection is an important decision. There are several variables but mostly for the Red Diamond, the rarity of the piece itself really supported SuperRare’s passion over 1 of 1 editions. Being the first utility NFT that only 1 person could attain, SuperRare was the best match for Scaleswap and BossLogic’s piece”


The auction went live on May 26th with a reserve price of 5eth. It was a tense 24 hours for the auction which saw a lot of action in its final moments becoming the most viewed item on the Superare platform at the time. The auction ended with a final bid of 33ETH ($95,000), a huge success for Scaleswap, it also made for Bosslogics genesis sale on the superare platform, a monumental occasion for all.


Superrare is one of the top NFT platforms available on the blockchain dealing over $55 million in crypto currency. They are a platform where digital art lovers can connect with each other across the world. The purpose of Superrare is that artists and collectors should be able to socialise directly with each other about their shared passion for the work. In this case, Bosslogic will see and have a connection with who bought the work, as well as the recipient of the work receiving exclusive lifetime benefits for the Scaleswap platform and connecting with the founders of the company. The Red Diamond is a multi dimensional utility NFT and created a record sale for Bosslogic. Want to make an NFT but not artistically gifted? We can provide artist consultation and use our network of talented

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