A New Zealand trio, Beacon Bloom have established themselves in the NFT world with a brilliant new video, containing all sorts of cryptic links and hints to their NFT webstore. The track ‘Nothing Here But You’ is an upbeat electronic summer number that floats along nicely. 

The video shows the lead singer jogging through an ornate style garden to the beat of the track, accompanied by bandmates, dancers, people in blizare costumes and make up. The interesting part is that throughout the video a number of the people in the video are seen to be holding up a variety of cryptic messages… 

Throughout the video, QR codes pop up. Scan one of these bad boys and it takes you through to the Beacon Bloom Metaverse – an intriguing landing page where you can access the track, or go through to an odd, spooky style game, where you can play to win contests and competitions. 

Delve further into the Beacon Bloom Metaverse and you will find their NFT store. Beacon Bloom has a stunningly beautiful collection of six available NFTs, some are digital art, some manipulated photographs and a trading card style monkey. A diverse and interesting collection, that’s for sure. 

Beacon Bloom have really hit the nail on the head with their entry to the NFT world. Sometimes bands and celebrities entering the space can come off as cheap, or like they’re aiming for a cash grab. You see examples of D-list celebrities trying to make the most of their wearing fame by crapping out some digital art for the quick coin. This isn’t the case for the New Zealand trio, Beacon Bloom have done this brilliantly and are clearly a well informed and intelligent group. Utilising cryptic clues and QR codes will doubtlessly excite the crypto-nerds and building such a beautiful Metaverse is exciting for the art fan in all of us. 

The NFT’s themselves are top notch too, some wonderful pictures of the band that are altered in an eerie and digitised way (which matches the awkward electronica they make) will doubtlessly appeal to Beacon Bloom fans, as well as some more classic NFT art – GIFs and trading cards that are as funny as they are weird. 

Making moves into the NFT world is a smart ploy for any band. As we are still somewhat embroiled in covid and the UK Government seem to have no interest in reviving live music, getting involved in NFTs provides independent artists with an extra source of income throughout these troubled times. 

Overall, a great effort from Beacon Bloom – a quality track that they’ve paired really nicely with a classy and informed entry into the NFT world. If other bands can follow suit then you will for sure be seeing more and more musical artists making inroads. Top marks!

You can watch the video here – be sure to scan those QR codes!