As you may have seen, many NFTs have been getting some serious attention at auction - many memes, celebs and musicians have officially auctioned off NFTs. Cryptopunks are the king of auction sales, racking up millions and millions of dollars in auction revenue.

Furthermore, the legendary Cryptopunks have been causing quite the stir in the NFT world, they have been snapped up by a mysterious collector - generating an insane amount of cash for both LarvaLabs and private collectors. The Punks surge has brought the floor price of many other NFTs through the ceiling, none more so than Bored Ape Yacht Club. 

BAYC are one of the latest collections to get the auction house treatment: according to a recent statement. BAYC is one of the most exciting NFT collections available right now, but good luck getting your hands on one. If you’re interested in bagging yourself a Bored Ape you’ll be forced to part with a serious chunk of change, with the floor price hitting 10 ETH (that’s around £22,000). The Ape floor price is where Cryptopunks was only months ago, which spells good things for the Ape community. 

The Ape sale is set to take place on 17th September, so get saving if you’re interested. Christies has released the following statement on the sale: “Key highlights of the sale will include a group of exceptionally rare Cryptopunks created by Larva Labs, as well as Yuga Labs’ Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Larva Labs’ latest creation Meebits. This auction also marks the first time BAYC and Meebits will be offered outside of any NFT-trading platform. This sale is poised to set another milestone in the history of Crypto Art”.

Meebits are up for sale with Christies too, another project of Cryptopunk creators LarvaLabs. They are similar in tone to the Punks, the Meebits are avatar style NFTs, made up of a variety of traits and features. They’re slightly more diverse than the Punks, you’ll get Meebits in suits, camo gear and much more. 

Overall, then this is quite the milestone for the NFT community. If you’ve read any of these blogs in the past, you’ll have noticed that NFTs are breaking records and eating milestones on an almost weekly basis. This speaks only to the unbridled success of NFT’s - sure, there is still fud about, but immerse yourself in the community and you’ll find a great foundation of people.