NFts are art’s next thing - a platform that holds great potential for artists, crypto fans and collectors alike. If you spend any time reading the latest on Crypto-Twitter, but some people are insistent that NFTs are finished, or little more than a fad. They couldn’t be further from the truth: take a look inside these projects and speak with traders and art fans and you’ll find vibrant communities with great people. 

Bored Ape Yacht Club, for example, is a thriving project with a community at its core. The BAYC NFT allowes you access to an entire universe: there is a members only ‘Swamp Club’ for NFT holders and ‘The Bathroom’, where holders can paint one pixel every fifteen minutes as a fun project. 

BAYC isn’t the only NFT promoting community: Lucky Maneki is a project that has only launched in the last 24 hours, but already people are clamouring with less than 100 NFTs left as I write. The market for individuals purchasing NFT’s is far from over, they are growing as more people ape in: Lucky Maneki have a unique project where there is such variety in the art, that the best way to distinguish the rarity of your piece is to dive head first into the Discord server to communicate with fellow holders. 

Twitter is full of Maneki chat too, NFT artist Bosslogic is a fan, among a variety of NFT enthusiasts. NFTs are the place to be right now - the opportunity for artists to enjoy an extra source of revenue is helping to support digital artists whilst the pandemic rolls on. If it’s difficult to sell art in person right now, it's never been easier to buy it online - the NFT community is diverse too, with a number of LGBTQ artists and collectors rising. The Queenly is an NFT Gallery owned by a New York Drag Queen that showcases the work of LGBTQ artists - it’s not all bedroom dwelling crypto guys, there is a market for anyone and everyone to find art they enjoy and sell it among a user base who are just as passionate about the project.

Lucky Maneki have a trait that is popular amongst NFT collectors - a backstory and a world of lore and content. The best NFTs make you feel like part of an exclusive speakeasy, by getting the NFT you know the secret knock and the bouncer lets you in. The backstory and rarity of certain traits and characteristics makes this feel like a community puzzle; find the traits that your Maneki holds and learn their place in Luckeania, as well as their rarity and potential resale value. 

The rarity and diversity of the Maneki’s traits are what makes the resale and secondary market so exciting - if you missed out on a Maneki, you’ll be able to grab yourself one as resales have already begun. Your best bet, is to hold though - collecting and holding these NFT’s acts as your AAA pass into this community, to meet like minded apes and art fans. There are a number of newcomers to the project too, with many people boasting of minting for the first time, or convincing mates to get involved. 

The opportunities are endless, so those  bores you see on twitter claiming NFTs are a fad, or a cash grab couldn’t be further from the truth, all it takes is scratching beneath the surface of Guardian articles to find a real sense of community, fun and a legitimate revenue source for traders and artists alike.